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With more than 16 years of experience in home and building exterior improvements, locally-owned and operated Masterpiece Roofing is a company that Massachusetts property owners can count on. Masterpiece Roofing is a certified contractor with Certainteed, the 100 year-old manufacturer of superior roofing materials. Your roof is the most important component of your home, multi-family residential complex, or commercial establishment, and Masterpiece Roofing makes sure it functions at peak performance.

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More than any other component of a home or building, the roofing system must perform reliably, especially in a place like Massachusetts where seasonal weather fluctuations range from icy cold to uncomfortably hot. A roof is the first line of protection against the elements and it has to be impenetrable to water, snow, and even squirrels and other pests intent on taking up residence in your attic. Masterpiece Roofing wants to help you achieve comfort, safety, and energy-efficiency with the best roofing solutions in Metrowest MA

Residential Shingle Roofing

Over time, the climate swings of New England will wear on a roof. Snowfall, dramatic temperature changes can take a sudden toll on roofs, requiring repairs or replacement. When it’s time for a new roof, homeowners can trust Masterpiece Roofing to do an outstanding job that enhances the value of their biggest investment – their home.

Roof Repair

When there are signs of wear or storm damage, Massachusetts property owners don’t always require an entire roof replacement. With a thorough, FREE roof inspection, Masterpiece Roofing can identify any and all adverse roof conditions and recommend affordable repairs that will keep your property protected for years to come.

Commercial Roofing

Masterpiece Roofing has the right equipment, technology, and project management skills to master commercial roofing jobs. Apartment buildings, warehouses, and retail establishments have to be carefully maintained to protect the people and possessions inside. That starts right at the top with a dependable, long-lasting roof.

Roof Inspections

Let Masterpiece Roofing conduct a FREE roof inspection to ensure your roof is in good condition. Our trained professionals will inspect wear and tear of the roof covering and examine gutters, flashing, and vents. Then, we’ll advise you on any repairs needed. Neglecting small problems with your roofing system can mean costly damage, later on.


Roof Maxx is applied to a roof that is aging and showing signs of fading, staining, and granulation loss. As an asphalt shingle ages, it loses the essential oils that help keep it flexible and its granules intact. Roof Maxx is a way to preserve and extend the life of your roof to keep it out of the landfill and avoid the cost of replacing it.


Mission Statement

The mission of Masterpiece Roofing is to give our customers a fair and accurate assessment of their roofing needs. Our experienced technicians and customer care professionals work with property owners to identify the best solution to their roof repair or replacement needs, at a cost that fits their budget. We strive to do jobs right the first time and to earn the trust of property owners in Massachusetts. Masterpiece is committed to working hard, using the finest roofing materials, and treating customers with honesty, transparency, and respect.


5 Reasons to Pick Masterpiece Roofing

We’re Your Neighbors

Masterpiece Roofing is building a reputation of trust and reliability in our local communities throughout Massachusetts. We know that when our work satisfies or exceeds your expectations, we benefit, too.

Great Products

Masterpiece Roofing is proud to use the best materials made for home and commercial shingle roofing applications – Certainteed. As a certified Certainteed contractor, we give you a reason to be confident that the results we deliver will be top quality.

We Communicate Well

Masterpiece Roofing isn’t one of those contractors who win the job then disappear until it’s time to “fit you in.” Our customers are our lifeblood and we approach each of you with respect and gratitude, in part, by keeping an open line of communication throughout a project.

Experience Serving

We may be a young company but our team has almost two decades of experience under our belts. We don’t make many mistakes because we’ve spent time mastering the art of exterior home and building improvements.

We’re Here When You Need Us Most

Masterpiece Roofing has been through some of the worst weather conditions. We know how challenging it can be to navigate the insurance claims process. Let Masterpiece Roofing get the most from your insurance claim, so your property can make a full recovery from a covered event.

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